Economy Tractor
1947 Rototiller
Echo power Blower

A long time ago, there was a company called Engineering Products Inc. in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  They set out to build a good-quality garden tractor, and they succeeded.  Originally they were called Economy, and Jim Dandy tractors, but later on the company changed the name of the tractors to Power King because the term Economy was thought to imply "cheap".  If you've ever seen one of these tractors up close and personal, you know the last thing they are is cheaply built. 

This is the original brochure and some of the original documentation that I have which goes with the tractor.  If you collect tractors and equipment, I am willing to bet that you have never come across a tractor that has this sort of verifiable history.

This brochure as well as any other documentation is included in the sale.

The date is September 1, 1954.  The red markings are added by me for emphasis and not on the original documents.

This is a letter from the factory thanking my dad for his interest in and purchase of an Economy tractor.

The date on this piece is October 1, 1954.

I have schematics for everything.

My father purchased this tractor in 1954-55.  He bought it used (my mother said he didn't buy new at this time of their lives), but one year old is almost new.  It has many of the impliments seen in the brochure.  They are all included in the sale.  That means you are getting a SUPER deal.  Garden tractors sold today last 5-10 years max and even at that they don't have much in the way of impliments.  You have heard that "They don't make them like they used to". This tractor is from when they made them to last.  50 years old and still going strong.
Several people who have examined the ebay ad as well as this page have written that this is NOT a 1954 but a 1949.  This is based on teh engine serial number, the front end and how the wheels are attached, etc.    My reason for referring to it as 1954 is because of all the 1954 literature that I have with it.  My dad bought it in 1954-55 and he bought it used, so it very likely is a 1949.  He regularly wrote to the factory for information when he bought a piece of equipment.  I do have a document from them dated 1956 telling him about the sickle mower.  I am adding the Wisconsin shop manual to the package and while it doesn't have a date on it that I see, it looks as old as 1954.

This is the actual tractor.  My dad "freshened" it up in the months before he passed away.  He was always met-iculous with all his tools and equipment.

It is a pull start with a three speed transmission with reverse.

The tires were new, but show some signs of dry rot cracking.  They hold sir just fine.

This is the original Wisconsin engine.  A spare Wisconsin engine is available should the buyer wish to include it with his purchase.  The serial # is:  1211934.  The Spec. # is 57178.  The Model # is AEHS.

I located this manual and it is included with the package.  It appears like it is as old as the tractor.  It is full of exploded views of the engine and lots of user info.

There is not plate attached or evidence of one on the clutch housing.  I don't know if there was one, if it was removed during painting and not replaced, or what the answer is.
The transmission housing has T92-148 on the top.

On the side of the bottom half of the transmission is:

The implements included in the sale are:

This is the original 36 in. mower that came with the tractor.  To my knowledge it is complete.  The mower on the tractor is a 48 in. that is an official Economy mower that my dad bought from a man so he could get a wider cut.  I don't remember why the man wanted to sell it.  It has worked fine for 35 years.

This is the plow that my dad used with the tractor.  I am not sure if it is an original Economy part or if it is one my dad made himself.  He could make anything, so he may have made this.  It looks different from the one in the brochure.

This is the disc that goes with the tractor.  We used to have a cement slab that we placed on the disc to give it some extra bite.  You will need to supply your own slab.

This is the original blade.  I am not sure of how the mechanics work to raise and lower it.

This is part of the sickle mower.  I know where at least one of the blades is located and I am sure I have the other.  However much I can find is included.  The sickle in the brochure appears to have longer blades.  I don't remember ever seeing dad use this.

This is the spare Wisconsin engine.  If you want it we will have to negotiate a price.  To my knowledge it is complete.

I have located the cultivater and some feet for it.  These will be included in the package as well.

You will need to arrange your own transportation and/or shipping for this tractor and implements.  I will do whatever I can to facilitate your pickup.
Thanks for looking!

Please feel free to ask any questions.  Just click info@rickrocker.com.  We can talk by phone if you like.  Email first.